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Things You Need To Know About AC Duct Cleaning

AC duct cleaning is an important step in home maintenance. There are a growing number of companies that offer this service, and it is important that customers understand how duct cleaning works, why it is important, and what expectations they should have for the service.

What is AC Duct Cleaning?

AC Duct Cleaning refers to cleaning air conditioning ductwork. In general, duct cleaning refers to cleaning both the heating and cooling system components in a home, including the vents (or ducts) where air conditioning and heat are transferred, the registers and grills, the heat exchanger and fan, and any other component required to ensure the air circulation operates efficiently and correctly. Overtime, as the air systems in a home operate, they become contaminated with debris, hair, pollen, and sometimes moisture; cleaning the ducts helps to ensure that the air quality in a home is preserved.

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning?

Cleaning the various air conditioning components in a home may help to maintain the system, giving the air conditioning components a longer life. In addition to lengthening the life of the cooling system, proper cleaning of all components also decreases possibly hazardous materials that can be circulated through vents. In cases where moisture is present, the possibility for mold growth is increased. Mold can be very problematic, causing breathing problems and other serious illnesses. A proper duct cleaning can help to ensure these risks are minimized.

How do you Choose the Right Company?

You may find local businesses who perform duct cleaning services through phonebooks or internet searches; a better option, however, may be to contact the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) for referrals. When searching for a company to clean your ductwork, it is important to do some research on the company, and to ask for references from previous clients. Companies should be fully licensed, and willing to provide proof. Note that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not license or certify professionals for duct cleaning, so any who claim this are falsely misrepresenting their credentials.

What to look for when Hiring a Professional

Before booking a service, be sure you have asked some key questions. Does the company use chemicals, and if so, can they ensure they are safe for use around both humans and animals? Also ask if the company will be cleaning every component of the air conditioning system. This is important to ensure the best results. It is also wise to get an estimate on the length of time it will take for the job to be completed. As is the case with most professionals, a written agreement outlining all of the work, the timeline for the work to be completed, and a guarantee of the quality of work, is good business.

What to Expect when you have Hired an AC Duct Cleaner

Duct cleaning experts should do a thorough check of your air conditioning system to ensure there are no hazardous materials present prior to beginning the work. Professional cleaners will use vacuum equipment that will have its exhaust outside of the home, or if the exhaust is inside the home, a Hepa filter system will be employed. This ensures no further circulation of dust and particles occurs inside. Any access points should be resealed and airtight after the cleaning has been completed. While cleaning, professionals should also ensure household furniture and carpets are protected.

Ensuring the AC ducts are clean can be an important part of providing a healthy and safe environment. How often duct cleaning should be considered varies from home to home; the EPA suggests homeowners do not have to participate in duct cleaning on a routine basis, but rather as it is required by the home in question.